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MyHR CVS Login: Employees form the backbone of any firm. Taking good care of them is essential to keep track and cater to their comfort. A happy agent of the company renders their best service to the clients and helps in keeping up the best name of the firm. Developed by MyHR, the MyCVSHR portal is entirely at their employee’s assistance. It is a platform that helps with keeping track of professional details and the history of their daily activities. With every employee having their own space and personal access to the website, it helps to add an essence of well being and care from the provider’s end. Some essential details are a must-know for every current and ex-employee at CVS pharmacy. 

MyHR CVS Login at

MyHR CVS Login

Requirements for logging in


Logging in makes use of some details and essentials that is a must-have for the employee. They are the following:

  • A strong internet connection and an updated version of a web browser like Opera, Chrome, etc.
  • A gadget, including a laptop, tablet, mobile, PC that supports the internet
  • The link access to the portal of MyCVSHR along with the employee user Id and password.

Benefits of Employee Portal

The employee portal of CVS offers a lot of benefits for every single employee. The advantages are the following:

  • It allows an employee to look and have the perks of discounts and many health and fitness programs.
  • It provides for employee stock purchase programs that can benefit them in the long run.
  • It caters and assists the employees of the firm for education and selection purposes.
  • It provides details about health covers, insurance claims, and other information that can be a help.
  • It helps them to keep the central database at a place and look for a work program and attendance.

Highlights of the MyCVSHR Portal

Features are the services that the portal has for its users. The variety of peculiarities that it offers to the employees are the following:

  • Every employee through the portal can have access to personal information and tax details.
  • It helps to have an introduction to the details of the 401K plan, home, and health insurance.
  • It caters to the employee discounts as per their requirements and stock option details.
  • It provides for individual space to manage and keep account of their work for the day.
  • It has for the users all the information about the shipping and checks benefit that the firm has for them.

Registering for the website:


Registration for the portal is possible only if the person is a present of the ex-employee of the CVS Pharmacy. The process for a new user is smooth. The steps are the following:

  • Open the web browser and visit the official website of MyHR and go to the CVS Employee Login Page.
  • Hit on the New User button and wait. The portal will ask for personal identification details.
  • To confirm your identity, enter the last four digits of your SSN code and select your birth date.
  • Once done, click on continue, and then it will ask you to select a username and password. Now submit the information.

Logging in the portal

Entering into your own company space can be very easy once you are complete with registering yourself on the portal. The following are the steps to log in:

  • Go to the official CVS Employee portal that the MyHR Corporation provides to the user.
  • Once the login page loads, fill up the username and password field that you chose during registration.
  • After typing and completing the credentials, click on the login page, and you are all set!

Losing the credentials

With so many account credentials with a person, forgetting the login credential is common. The best is to write and keep it safe. If you still lose it, the MyCVSHR portal coves it for you. The best way to retrieve information is the following:

  • Go to the official Employee portal of CVS Pharmacy and go to the login page.
  • After the login page loads, and you are sure of not remembering the login credentials, select forget user id or password.
  • It will redirect you to a page where it will confirm your identity by asking for the SSN code and birthdate.
  • Once you proceed after filling the details, the portal will give instructions to reset the user id or password.

Employee portals are vital to keeping the best database of an employee. It helps them to feel valued and also aids them to seek all their employment details and benefits in one single space. Every employee has a hand in the success of the firm. Every employer should work towards catering to the needs of their employee, and CVS pharmacy is the best example. The MyCVSHR portal for the representatives of the firm is the best return gift that the firm can render to their work.